God Bless our Troupes
                Best Pizza Ever
 From Italy To Albany N.Y.

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Luncheons - Retirements - Office Parties - Holidays 

Everyone's Talking About Our Pizza & Italian Foods

   Catering all Ocassions: Parties - Luncheons - Retirements.  "Great Food - Great Deals"
      Italian Food Photos Below - We do have mixed Sub Platters & Fried Foods ( Just Ask)    

                                                              All Hot Foods Are Homemade                           

Catering - Luncheon - Retiements - Any Party

                               Baked Ziti Homemade - Homemade Meatballs Italy 
                                Spicy Italian Sausage   -  Sausage Pepers & Onions
                        Linguini with Real Chopped White Clams in Sauce
                        Chicken Cutlet Mozzarella or Eggplaant w/ Mozzarlla
                        Fried Fresh Calamari with Marinara and Special Dip
                         Lasagna w/ Meat or Homemade Manicotti w/ Sauce
 Half Pan $56 ---- Full Pan $89
                           Half Pans Feed 8 to 12 ---------------- Full Pans Feed 16 to 20
                Fresh Salad  --- Atipasto --- Chef Salad --- Macaroni Salad
     Salad Half Pan $32 - Half Antipasto or Chef $54 - Full Antipasto or Chef $89  - Macaroni Salad $35  
                              Feeds 12 People         Feeds 18 People         Feeds 20 People 

                                              Party or Luncheon Subs Platter


           Sub Platters $4.45  Per Person Minimum 10 to 30 Pepole 31 to ? $4.25 Per Person
                                                All Platters Decorated W/ Olives - Roasted Peppers & More
                                                     Add a 4 oz. Cup Of Macaroni Salad For $1.45 Per Person. 


                                            We Offer The Best & Lots More For Your Money!

                                       You may have tried the rest? Now try the best? "That's It"                                                                                            ALL CHARGE CARDS ACCEPTED
                                 All Foods Home Cooked.           

          Desserts Homemade 

Customers we cater to: I.B.M. - Well Fargo - Coperate Woods - NYS - & You! 

       You Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best!! Thank You. 
 Delivery or Pick Up

             Homemade Canolis $1.75 -- Deep Fried Dough $2.89 -- Lobster Tail Pastry $3.79 
God Bless our Troupes