God Bless our Troupes

Luncheons - Retirements - Office Parties - Holidays 

Everyone's Talking About Our Pizza & Italian Foods

   Catering all ocassions: Parties - Luncheons - Retirements.  "Great Food - Great Deals"
            See Tasty  Italian Food Photos Below - We do have mixed Sub Platters & Fried Foods ( Just Ask)    

                                                                                   All Hot Foods Are Homemade                           

Catering - Luncheon - Retiements - Any Party

                               Baked Ziti Homemade - Homemade Meatballs Italy 
                                Spicy Italian Sausage   -  Sausage Pepers & Onions
                        Linguini with Real Chopped White Clams in Sauce
                        Chicken Cutlet Mozzarella or Eggplaant w/ Mozzarlla
                        Fried Fresh Calamari with Marinara and Special Dip
                         Lasagna w/ Meat or Homemade Manicotti w/ Sauce
 Half Pan $56 ---- Full Pan $89
                           Half Pans Feed 8 to 12 ---------------- Full Pans Feed 16 to 20
                Fresh Salad  --- Atipasto --- Chef Salad --- Macaroni Salad
     Salad Half Pan $32 - Half Antipasto or Chef $54 - Full Antipasto or Chef $89  - Macaroni Salad $35  
                              Feeds 12 People         Feeds 18 People         Feeds 20 People 

                                                      Party or Luncheon Subs 

           Sub Platters $4.45  Per Person Minimum 10 to 30 Pepole 31 to ? $4.25 Per Person
                                                All Platters Decorated W/ Olives - Roasted Peppers & More
                                                     Add A 4 oz. Cup Of Macaroni Salad For $1.35 Per Person. 


                                            We Offer The Best & Lots More For Your Money!

                                       You may have tried the rest? Now try the best? "That's It"                                                                                            ALL CHARGE CARDS ACCEPTED
                                 All Foods Home Cooked.           

          Desserts Homemade 

$1.75  Sm. Cannoli Large $2.75 ea. - $3.00 Fried Dough w/ Powdered Sugar 
Customers we cater to: I.B.M. - Well Fargo - Coperate Woods - NYS - & You! 

       You Tried The Rest Now Try The Best !! Thank You. 
We Delivery or Pick Up

                    Homemade Canolis             Deep Fried Dough                Lobster Tail Pastry 
God Bless our Troupes