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  Community Service!!
Help support children in need...Donate $5 or More. Mail to Jonathan's Pizza 31 N. Pearl St. Albany, NY 12207 
Make check out to Jonathan's/Boys & Girls Club Alb. To date Jonathan supported 1000 children all with pizza and some with Christmas Toys. .......Our next  events will be March 14 - 2018 & April 28 - 2018 Many more to follow. "We need your help"
                                                                            Happy Boys & Girls December 2017

                                                                               Jonathan's Special Comunity Events!
       1 - To date we supplied over 1000 childern with free pizza, and some toys.
       2 - In 2011 Feed the entire Albany NY Fire-Department & Staff (Free Pizza) with the help of Deputy Chef Michael Cox.
       3 - 2013 With great honor  we @ Jonathan's had 150 Verterans at our pizzeria for free pizzas and drink.
       4 - For ten years we had Christmas Parties (Free all you can eat) for disable children and adults. 
       5 - In the surronding neighborhood every Christmas week, gave kids in the street $5 to $10 each (Courtesy of Jonathan) 
       6 - Created the Thursday Five Alive in 1987 for 5 years. Started on N. Pearl moved to Broadway  across from park.
       8 - Every Christmas from 1975 to 2000 had a Santa walk all around downtown ringing his bell @ our cost. 
       9 - Allowed The Womens Club to set up a bake sale in front of our premisses for two weeks for five years. 
      10 - Donated pizza's to Albany High (100 pizza's) in 1984.
       11 - Free Pizza had been donated to the Big Brothers & Sisters of Albany.
       12 - For years donating pizza's to NYS summer picnic. Last, gave Hugh discounts to Schools -Hospitals.

                  Thank you for supporting Jonathan's over the last 45 years your the reason we can help our community.