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TV Commercial 2006
  Community Service!!
 To date we donated pizza for two thousand (2000) needy childern from the Albany Boys and Girls Clubs
                                                  Events since 2016 to 2018 every month. Next event Sept 2018

                                                                          Jonathan's Special Comunity Events 2018!
       1 - To date we supplied over 1000 childern with free pizza, and some toys.
       2 - In 2011 Feed the entire Albany NY Fire-Department & Staff (Free Pizza) with the help of Deputy Chef Michael Cox.
       3 - 2013 With great honor  we @ Jonathan's had 150 Verterans at our pizzeria for free pizzas and drink.
       4 - For ten years we had Christmas Parties (Free all you can eat) for disable children and adults. 
       5 - In the surronding neighborhood every Christmas week, gave kids in the street $5 to $10 each (Courtesy of Jonathan) 
       6 - Created the Thursday Five Alive in 1987 for 5 years. Started on N. Pearl moved to Broadway  across from park.
       8 - Every Christmas from 1975 to 2000 had a Santa walk all around downtown ringing his bell @ our cost. 
       9 - Allowed The Womens Club to set up a bake sale in front of our premisses for two weeks for five years. 
      10 - Donated pizza's to Albany High (100 pizza's) in 1984.
       11 - Free Pizza had been donated to the Big Brothers & Sisters of Albany.
       12 - For years donating pizza's to NYS summer picnic. Last, gave Hugh discounts to Schools -Hospitals.

                  Thank you for supporting Jonathan's over the last 45 years your the reason we can help our community.